The World Egg Bank
7227 North 16th Street, Suite 160
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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    (602) 678-1906

Become an Egg Donor with The World Egg Bank

Phoenix Sperm Bank is pleased to link to The World Egg Bank, also located in Phoenix, AZ.

Both companies share the vision of recruiting the highest quality donors, using industry-leading testing, and providing excellent customer service.

As an Egg Donor, you can change lives of infertile couples worldwide.

Your participation will be reimbursed $3,000-$6,000 per donation cycle.

The World Egg Bank is your personal place- catering only to egg donors. We built an environment specifically with the donor in mind; providing a spa-like atmosphere and dedicated medical staff whose focus is 100% on you. Unlike other egg banks where donors visit a doctor’s office filled with patients seeking their own infertility medical treatments, you will enjoy a more serene and comfortable setting that is solely concentrated on your generous donation. Furthermore, other egg banks often require long waiting periods before beginning the process. At The World Egg Bank, Arizona egg donors begin the egg donation process almost immediately!

Begin your life-giving journey today and apply with The World Egg Bank. The world’s first and most reputable egg bank in the United States.


  • Over 20 years of experience with egg donors
  • Highly-trained, professional medical staff’s undivided attention
  • Caring for you is our #1 concern