Anonymous Sperm Donor Q&A

Anonymous Sperm Donor Q&A

What is it like being a sperm donor? We went straight to the experts.

Here is what Phoenix sperm donors had to say:

What made you decide to join the program?

Donor A: “Honestly, what made me join the program was that I was starting my adult life after college and began googling side jobs. As ideas popped up, I started doing the mental calculus of what is going to be worth my time, and what isn’t. I found this program at the same time I was doing a little bit of uber and decided to apply. It’s been a way for me to bridge the gap between my expenses and saving money so that I can buy a house in the future.”

Donor B: “I wouldn’t say I was primarily motivated by financial gain from this program, although I’m not going to thumb my nose at the compensation. I just did do my taxes, and when I got my 1099 and when I saw it on paper, holy cow that really added up. It has helped me be able to reach my personal financial goals that much quicker.”

Did being in the program help you financially?

Donor C: “By being in the program, I was able to buy a house which was really nice, and basically it helped me get to the point where I could have that little bit of extra cushion. You know a lot of people tend to come out of college, some get their dream job, some don’t and they kind of live paycheck to paycheck and have to figure it out. Having that extra $6,000 to $7,000 dollars a year really helped bump me over that threshold, where I needed to be able to actually save some of what I was making.”

Donor D: “Yes the beer money is great, or however you spend your compensation. But those that are impacted on the receiving end are, to me, motivating enough, and to think of this program is the bigger picture. There’s a picture bigger than this, and the donors are part of that.”

What would you say to someone if they were considering joining the donor program?

Donor E: “If someone was on the fence about joining, I would say, depending on what reservations you have, just go try it out. It is pretty easy to see if you qualify because that is the first step. Since a lot of people just don’t qualify, it’s low risk to just go in and give your first trial donation. From there, you can see if it’s for you and it’s not a whole lot of work.

You also get a lot of perks out of it too. Aside from the money and the glowing sense of satisfaction, you also get free physicals every once in a while, which you ought to be doing anyway. You get all this genetic testing done, which normally you’d have to pay that yourself, so you get to learn a little bit more about your health as well. Yeah, I think it’s just something worth trying.”

Donor F: “Times have changed where this isn’t as taboo subject as it once was and it shouldn’t be treated like it’s some taboo subject. It should be treated the same thing as donating plasma or similar donations. You’re donating to help people who can’t have children or for other scientific endeavors that require these samples.

I don’t know if I’m going to have children. It’s a discussion me and my partner have had but if I’m able to help a couple who can’t have them, it feels good to assist with that whether or not I’m in that child’s life. It’s nice to help people.”

If you have more questions about joining our donor program, you can reach out to our Donor Coordinator for assistance at or give us a call at (602)888-7255. If you are looking to get started with our application process, you can start online here.