Tips for Reducing Stress and Improving Male Fertility

Tips for Reducing Stress and Improving Male Fertility

Multiple scientific studies over the past 20 years have revealed possible links between psychological stress and infertility. Studies found that men who feel stressed are more likely to experience decreased testosterone, lower sperm count, abnormal sperm production, and decreased sperm motility, the function that allows sperm to move. And all of this can negatively affect overall fertility.

Some factors affecting male fertility, such as age, genetics, and disease, are beyond your control. To make matters worse, the pace and pressures of modern life can also cause psychological stress and contribute to male infertility issues. Your lifestyle choices also play a major role. But the good news here is that you can control your lifestyle choices such as your diet, exercise routine, use of alcohol, and other factors.

Of course, stress affects everyone differently. While a small amount is normal and manageable, when stress becomes overwhelming it can negatively affect both your fertility and your overall health. And since eliminating stress is not an option, your best bet is to control what you can.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to help reduce stress, improve your health, and encourage healthy sperm production. One idea you can begin doing immediately is regular prayer or meditation. Slowing down and focusing on the positive things in your life offers perspective and helps relieve some pressure and anxiety. For tips and help with meditation, you may want to try Happify, Headspace, or other available apps. These digital tools are designed to improve your emotional health by guiding you through exercises and activities to sharpen your awareness, still your mind, and lower your stress.

Other well-known stress relievers include doing deep breathing exercises, listening to music, doing yoga or other aerobic activities at least three times a week, walking in nature, spending time with loved ones, or any activity or hobby that soothes or relaxes you. You might also consider talking with a therapist or counselor to help you cope with stress in your life. Any combination of the above is likely to make you a healthier and happier person.

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