Get the Benefits of Genetic Testing When You Become a Donor

Get the Benefits of Genetic Testing When You Become a Donor

Phoenix Sperm Bank offers the most comprehensive genetic testing of any sperm bank in the world. As of August 2016, our screening process includes testing all donors in our program for more than 100 genetic conditions. We maintain our high standards by continually improving our donor screening process based on the latest research and technology.

While genetic testing is important to women and families trying to conceive using donor sperm, it’s also good for donors, and just one of the benefits of working with PSB.

The genetic tests we perform scan your DNA to see if you carry any of the diseases we screen for, giving you valuable insights into possible health issues you might not otherwise know about. This valuable medical information can help you later in life, especially if you decide to start your own family. Wouldn’t it be good to know about such conditions now, so you can take treatment steps if necessary?

Other Benefits of Donating Sperm at Phoenix Sperm Bank

Donating sperm has three other key benefits as well. First, the financial reason. Our regular donors can earn about $1,500 per month when they donate up to three times per week. You can also make up to $500 when you refer a friend who also gets accepted into our program.

Second, all accepted donors qualify for free medical care during their time in our program and beyond. At the beginning of the screening process, you’ll get a comprehensive exam from a medical professional that includes a full physical, blood and urine tests, and the extensive genetic testing mentioned above. All of these give you valuable preventative care and medical information.

As an added benefit, if you’re chosen for our program, you’ll get two physical exams per year for as long as you remain an active donor. Then, after you leave the program, we’ll still give you an annual wellness exam at no cost. The extra compensation is our way of thanking you for your dedication and service.

The third, and perhaps most important, reason to become a donor is the emotional lift it provides. Being a sperm donor allows you to make a lasting impact on the lives of women and couples hoping to start or add to their families. You can help others achieve their dream!

How to Become a Sperm Donor

Donor sperm is currently in short supply, and demand is rising, so your donations are needed more than ever. But becoming a donor is a big decision, and it’s important to fully understand both the benefits and the full extent of the commitment. So if you have any questions about the process, please contact us to learn more about becoming a sperm donor. We’re here to help.