How to Prepare for your First Visit to the Sperm Bank

How To Prepare For Your First Visit To The Sperm Bank

When applying to the donor program at Phoenix Sperm Bank, the first step after completing an online application is a semen analysis. This will be the first chance for the lab to see if you meet the criteria to be a donor in the program. You will want to make sure you give a good sample to move on to the next stage in the application process.

We are going to go over the first visit in detail to ease your mind and help you prepare.

What Happens During The Semen Analysis Appointment?

You will produce a semen sample, and the lab will perform a microscopic analysis on the semen sample for quality. This analysis includes sperm count, sperm motility, volume, and other factors that determine semen quality. Semen quality can vary from day to day, so regardless of the outcome, you will likely be called in for a second analysis.

You can read more about what we are looking for in sperm samples here.

All donations are discarded until you are fully accepted into the donor program.

How To Prepare For The First Visit

Give yourself plenty of time for the appointment, about 20 to 30 minutes, to help reduce anxiety. The lab is located in the medical building next to Luke’s Hospital on Tempe St. This is about a 10-minute walk from the Arizona State University campus.

Semen quality can change depending on different factors and is affected by your general health. Staying hydrated, getting rest, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables all go a long way in promoting good semen quality. It takes about 3 months to produce new sperm cells. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help improve quality:

  • Be abstinent from ejaculation for at least 48 hours before your visit
  • Stay away from hot tubs
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before
  • Drink lots of water

Notify the Donor Coordinator about any medications or supplements you are taking, or if you have recently had an illness with fever.

We do this every day, and if you have any questions, we are here to support you. Our team will always keep your information confidential and private, just like any other health office.

What happens after the first visit?

After completing the semen analysis portion of the application process, and this may be a couple of visits, you will start on your medical history and family medical history paperwork. Medical history information will be reviewed by our Genetic Counselors for any patterns of genetic conditions in your family that may be passed down to offspring. And the last part of the application process is a physical with our doctor and lab work, including STI testing.

Our team will work with you throughout the application process to help answer questions and provide all the results that we get from your testing and screening.

If you are ready to start donating, you can apply now. Or reach out to our Donor Coordinator for any questions that you have about the process at (602) 888-7255 or