Making extra income over the summer at Phoenix Sperm Bank

Making Extra Income Over The Summer At Phoenix Sperm Bank

Phoenix in the summer can be a great place, as long as you stay out of the heat. A great way to beat the heat is to head out to Bartlett Lake and rent kayaks or paddle boards. Or try indoor rock climbing at Phoenix Rock Gym or Black Rock Bouldering. Staying active is also a great benefit to your health.  Planning a summer trip away from the heat is another avenue. However, joining gyms, paying for rentals, or airfare can start to add up quickly. Getting a second job will have an impact on your free time, so what is another way to make extra money over the summer in Phoenix? Consider becoming a sperm donor.

How much can you make as a sperm donor?

The donors at Phoenix Sperm Bank earn $100 per qualifying donation after being accepted into the donor program. Each donation is analyzed for sperm count and motility. If the count and motility look good, donors get $70 for that donation. Once donations are released for treatment, after infectious disease testing, donors then receive $30 for each donation being released. For a total of $100 per donation. Donors can donate up to 3 times a week, making $300 per week.

How much time does it take to donate?

The total time spent donating is up to each donor. After checking in, donors go into one of our donation rooms. After completing the donation, samples are left in the window for the lab team to analyze, and donors are free to leave. This can be 15-30 mins depending on each individual and occasionally there is additional lab work that needs to be done.

Planning your appointment for donation is easy and flexible. You can either book a specific time or stop by without an appointment if you find you have free time during the day. Making it perfect to schedule around summer activities and other time constraints in your life.

Who needs sperm donation?

Donations are used in treatment for individuals and couples looking to become parents. They turn to sperm donation because they do not produce sperm or do not have a partner who produces sperm. Another reason would be someone who has been diagnosed with male factor infertility. And lastly, someone may choose to use a sperm donor if they do not want to pass on a genetic condition to their future offspring.

People who use sperm donation to become parents come from across the US and outside of the US,  make up different ethnicities and come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is important for us to have a diverse group of donors in our program.

How can you get started?

Making Extra Income Over The Summer At Phoenix Sperm Bank

Joining the donation program starts with an online application and an in-person visit to the lab. During your first visit, we will ask for a semen sample for us to analyze. Usually, potential donors will give a second sample for analysis regardless of the results of the first sample. This is because samples can vary a bit and we want to see the range.

After completing the semen analysis portion of the process, you will be asked about both your medical history and your family’s medical history. Keep in mind that all identifying information about you and your family will be confidential and is HIPAA protected. You will also get a full genetic carrier screening for 502 different genetic conditions. And finally, a full physical with our physician. Here is a list of all the health screening and testing donors undergo.

If you have any questions about the benefits of joining the donor program at Phoenix Sperm Bank you can reach out to our Donor Coordinator at 602-888-7255 or send a message.