Phoenix Sperm Bank –Donor Health and Genetic Screening and Testing

Phoenix Sperm Bank – Donor Health and Genetic Screening and Testing

Sperm donation supports couples and individuals looking to become parents. At Phoenix Sperm Bank, donors undergo various medical screening and testing during the application process. Here we break it all down to help you prepare for becoming a sperm donor.  

Health Assessment

After completing an online application, we will ask you to submit a semen sample for analysis. This is an important first step to help us better understand if your donations would be usable in future treatments. The lab team will look at multiple aspects of the sample, but the most important is the sperm count and motility.

Although we do not conduct cannabis testing, it can negatively impact semen quality resulting in a poor semen analysis. Some medications, supplements, nicotine, and exposure to high temperatures (like a fever or hot tub) can also reduce semen quality.

Donor Coordinators and the medical team offer personalized guidance and support throughout the process to help you better understand your semen analysis results and if there are any lifestyle changes that can improve your results.

Infectious Disease Testing

Donors undergo blood and urine analysis, to detect a spectrum of diseases such as HTLV I/II, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, West Nile Virus, and CMV. Not all positive results will result in disqualification. For example, positive CMV status just means we will inform intended parents so they can make informed decisions about choosing their donor. With other positive results, we will ask you to seek treatment and we will wait for negative results before continuing your application process.

Continued Medical Screening

Donors have a physical exam during the initial application process and then every 6 months while actively donating. These examinations are performed by either our Nurse Practitioner or Doctor, conveniently at the lab, and encompass vital assessments to ensure you are in good health. You are welcome to share these results with any health practitioner you are currently seeing.

Genetic Carrier Screening

Donor family medical histories serve are reviewed by our Licensed Genetic Counselors, facilitating the identification of potential genetic risks for future donor-conceived children. A genetic carrier screening panel comprising 514 conditions, along with medical history will help us identify any risks for any conditions that can be passed genetically.

This is also great personal information to have about yourself. We will share the full genetic report for you to have in your personal records. Additionally, this information is not shared with any online database and is more comprehensive than other commercial genetic screening kits publicly available.

Confidentiality and Transparency

Transparency is central to our approach, with all testing and screening results shared with donors. While genetic carrier screening results are not disseminated to commercial databases, intended parents and their healthcare teams receive this vital information, while removing any donor identifying information.

If you’re considering becoming a sperm donor, we invite you to apply online today. For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the donation process, feel free to reach out to us at (602) 888-7255 or via email at