Sperm Donors Needed in Phoenix, AZ

Sperm Donors Needed in Phoenix, AZ

There is a shortage of available sperm donors in Phoenix. Men who are diagnosed with male factor infertility or who are genetic carriers of harmful genetic conditions may turn to a sperm donor to become a parent. Two mom families are also in need of this type of donation to have children.

Phoenix Sperm Bank is looking for willing and eligible men to join the program to help provide critical treatment options to people waiting to become parents.

Here is a quick run-down of the requirements and benefits of becoming a sperm donor.

Requirements To Become A Sperm Donor

Here are all the requirements and what we are looking for in new donors for our program.

Men aged 18-39 years.

The age limit to become a sperm donor is due to the quality of semen declining after 39 years. We want to ensure that the donations given will be beneficial in future treatment use.

We’re looking for all ethnicities.

All ethnicities are desperately needed, but especially donors of color. Families who are waiting for Black men who are sperm donors often wait 5 times longer. It is important to know that infertility affects men across all ethnicities. People often look for sperm donors who match the same characteristics as their partner, or other family members. It is very important to us to have men in our program who represent the diverse patient population who come to us for treatment needs.

Willing to commit to the program for at least 6 months.

Sperm donors are routinely tested for infectious diseases. Donated samples are then held in a 6-month quarantine, and released when the donor is tested again for infectious diseases. This is because it can take a few months before infections show up on testing.

At a minimum, we will need donors to commit to 6 months, so we are able to release any donated samples for treatment use. We can be flexible on timing when it comes to vacations and other time commitments, but we will need a blood draw 180 days after the last donated samples.

On the other hand, donors are welcome to continue to be active in the program (and get paid) for much longer than 6 months. On average, we see donors in the program between 12 months and 18 months.

College degrees are preferred, students and working professionals are welcome.

This extra bit of information helps us show off your achievements with potential families. This will help showcase you as a well-rounded person and help them connect with you. Sometimes families find that they have similar interests or studied the same things as a donor. If you are a student, we will highlight this as a degree in progress. However, we recognize that not everyone chooses to go to college, instead, we will want to share your professional skills. Keep in mind, we will always keep your identifiable information confidential.

Why become a sperm donor?

Here is what a few of our donors have to say about being in the program:

“Great way to earn extra income!”

“I think it’s been great; the free health checks and extra money are really beneficial as a low-income college student.”

“If you are thinking about becoming a donor, think about the potential happiness that you can bring in helping start a family for someone. It made me appreciate life a little more.”

Donors receive $100 for each donation that qualifies for treatment use. This means the donation has to be high quality and you need to clear your STI testing. Most donations are accepted for treatment use, and our Donor Coordinator will be in contact with you for any questions you may have.

Donors are welcome to donate up to 3 times per week, making $300 per week. All of the scheduling is made by each donor, giving you the flexibility to stop by the lab when you have available time and schedule extra visits when you want to make extra cash.

Healthcare benefits include receiving a personal genetic carrier screening for 514 genetic conditions. This is a great way to help better understand your personal health and genetics. The genetic screening that we perform on donors, is more in-depth than a commercially available product and would typically be very costly. Donors are welcome to share their results with their primary care physician and use them for future medical decisions.

Other health benefits to donors are routine health checks. Donors have routine STI testing and physicals with our on-staff physician.

If you think you have what it takes to become a sperm donor, you can apply online today. Our Donor Coordinators are available for any questions you may have about joining the donor program and its requirements. Reach out at info@phoenixspermbank.com or call (602)888-7255.