What Do Families Have To Say About Their Sperm Donor?

What Do Families Have To Say About Their Sperm Donor?

At Phoenix Sperm Bank we stand behind our mission to create happy, healthy, families. We cannot help LGBTQ+ parents, single mothers, or couples struggling with male factor infertility without you.

“I’m a single mom by choice. After dating and not finding the right partner for me, I moved on to make my dreams come true of being a mom And I got my wish , I now have a beautiful daughter who’s almost 6 now. Best decision ever and I’m so happy our donor chose to donate and help us become the family we are now. I can’t thank him enough for such a blessing.”

Our patients need sperm donations, which we would argue is the easiest cellular donation to give. But this does not devalue the impact that it has on lives. The time you spend donating at Phoenix Sperm Bank gives the chance of parenthood to many deserving families in need and there isn’t enough appreciation that can be given.

“My husband and I experienced male factor infertility for years. We decided to go the donor route. We had an amazing experience and after a couple bumps along the road, we ended up with our amazing twins! So grateful!”

“We went through a list of donors and when we found ours we had that “he’s the one” moment when reading the written essay. We have our miracle baby now all thanks to him!

As a donor, the program has benefits such as free genetic testing, physicals, and regular STD testing. And after you retire from our program you are eligible for free annual health exams for life! We know your time is valuable so we financially compensate you for it. We understand the demands of the time commitment you have made with us, which is why we are open several days throughout the week to accommodate your changing schedule.

We strive to do our best to always what is right and ethical for the patients as well as you. Although our donors are exclusively Open ID Donors, we protect your adult photos and any identifying information until the resulting offspring become adults, if they choose to initiate contact. And we will be here with you to appropriately facilitate communication.

“I love that my child has the ability to access her donor’s information when she turns 18 if she has any questions for him! The existence of the bank’s private sibling registry has also helped me to find several of her donor siblings and connect with their families!

Many people cannot become parents without donors like the ones we have in the program at Phoenix Sperm Bank. For more information on how you or someone you know can become a donor, please check out our website at PhoenixSpermBank.com.