What Phoenix Sperm Bank Looks For In A Donor

What Phoenix Sperm Bank Looks For In Donors

We are always looking for new donors for our program. Sperm donors mean a lot to the families who depend on these donations for their fertility treatments.

Wonder if you have what it takes to become a sperm donor at Phoenix Sperm Bank?

We compiled a list of what we are looking for in donors. If you think you qualify and would like to start helping, you are welcome to apply online anytime!

Healthy Men 18-39

It is crucial that we stick with this age range. Regulatory requirements compel us to use a specific age range for sperm donation. Additionally, as men age, the quality of their sperm decreases, making the donations less suitable for treatments.

Overall health and wellness also play a role in sperm quality. Good potential donors would not need to be bodybuilders, but getting in weekly exercise and eating right will make a big difference in making better quality semen samples for donations.

All Ethnicities

The intended parents who rely on sperm donations for treatments are all of different ethnicities, so Phoenix Sperm Bank needs donors who are the same. Someone may be looking for a sperm donor because they have been diagnosed with male factor infertility or because it is a single or two-mom family with no sperm source. In any case, we want to be sure they can find a donor with characteristics that match their partner or family. This brings us to our next characteristic…

All Heights

There is no height requirement to join the donor program. Intended parents are typically looking for a donor who looks like they belong in their family, so they have a child who looks and feels like they belong as well. This sometimes means finding shorter donors or taller ones. Potential donors of all heights are welcome to join.

Education and Work History Requirements

Donors must have either a high school diploma or GED. It is preferred that donors also have a college degree, but students and working professionals are also welcome to apply. Intended parents want to get to know each donor, and this information helps. There are no specific requirements as to what kind of professional donors are or what they studied in school. This is all information that helps paint a picture of who a donor is as an individual.

Adoption Status

A donor will contribute half of their genes to a future offspring, it is important that we can collect the donor’s family medical history. If a potential donor has been adopted, they will have to have access to relevant family medical history to be accepted into the program. This would include both maternal and paternal medical history.

If this list seems like it includes most men, that is because it does! We are looking for a wide range of individuals to join the program. We want to include as much diversity and characteristics as possible to help families who are looking to start or grow their families but need help. We need you if you are open to this type of tissue donation. Below is more information on how to apply and the steps needed to be accepted into the program.

How To Apply

Joining the program is a rewarding endeavor and comes with some great benefits. Qualifying donations are compensated with $100 (up to 3 donations per week). Donors in the program receive a Genetic Carrier Screening for 502 genetic conditions, routine health exams with physicals, and regular STI testing. And not to forget all the families you help.

After you complete the online application, you will be sent an email that will have a link for you to schedule your first semen analysis. During this visit, we will check your ID, give you a cup and send you to a private room with a locking door. We provide visual materials to aid in the collection. The visit typically takes 20-30 mins.

Follow-Up and Lab Work

You’ll hear from us about a week after your first visit to get your semen analysis results and be offered a second visit. Semen samples can vary, so we routinely ask for more than one. If everything is good, we will need more information about both you and your family’s medical history. We will help you fill out this paperwork and answer questions along the way. Our Physician will schedule a physical with you, and we will also collect blood and urine samples. We are doing STI testing and checking overall health, this is not a drug test. The information and lab result we collect are confidential, and HIPAA protected. We will share all results with you.

That’s It

Welcome to the program! After you complete your physical, you are cleared to start getting paid for each donation. You get extra cash for complete items required for your profile like getting us baby photos and personal information about yourself (your hobbies, languages you speak, places you have visited).

Sperm donations are crucial to helping individuals who cannot have children without them. This type of tissue donation is powerful and will have a lifelong impact on the families who are helped by it.

If you have any questions about the process or how to get started, you can reach out to our Donor Coordinator at 602-888-7255 or info@phoenixspermbank.com.