How to Make Money as a Sperm Donor

How to Make Money as a Sperm Donor

Summer is at an end, school is back in, and holidays are around the corner. With changing time commitments and increased financial needs, finding a part-time job can help with extra expenses. Consider becoming a sperm donor at Phoenix Sperm Bank. Each qualifying donation is compensated with $100 and active donors receive routine health exams that include STI testing.

But how does being a sperm donor work?

Step 1. Apply to join the donor program.

The first step is being accepted into the donor program. Get started with an online application then schedule the first visit to the lab. Be prepared to give a semen analysis during the first visit to the lab by being abstinent for at least 48 hours. Here are more ways to prepare for your first visit.

The next steps in the application process include personal and family medical history evaluation. This step is necessary to reduce the risk to future offspring for adverse genetic conditions. We will also perform a genetic carrier screening, STI testing, and a full physical.

Step 2. Donate on a routine basis.

We ask that active donors plan to visit at least once per week but are welcome to visit up to three times a week. Each donation is compensated at $100 per donation. Having a weekly routine for donating will ensure you can get the maximum amount for donations each week.

Donors are in full control of their scheduling and walk-ins are welcome, giving lots of flexibility for other time commitments.

Step 3. Don’t forget about bonus opportunities.

Be sure to get application materials in on time. You can get $100 during the application process by completing your Family Medical History paperwork within a week of receiving the notification.

Phoenix Sperm Bank often offers bonuses for donating a certain number of times per month. Check-in with the Donor Coordinator about any incentives going on.

Additionally, donors can get unlimited referral bonuses of $300 for friends who join the donor program.

If you think becoming a sperm donor is something that works for you, then you can get started now with our online application. If you have any questions about the process you can reach out to our Donor Coordinator at (602)888-7255 or