What information is shared with families who use donor sperm?

What Information Is Shared With Families Who Use Donor Sperm?

Sperm donors at Phoenix Sperm Bank submit a lot of information as part of the application process and joining the donor program.

What information collected is shared with potential families?

Demographic and Education Information

What is shared: When potential parents are looking for a donor, they will often choose someone who looks like their partner or another family member. Having the donor’s height, weight, hair, eye color, and other physical characteristics will help them find a match. Additional information also helps potential parents connect with their donor. They may have similar educational backgrounds, favorite subjects, or least favorite subjects.

What is not shared: Even though we operate as an Open ID sperm bank, donors are anonymous. We do not share identifying information such as date of birth, the location where you donated, or where you attend or attended school.

Personal and Family Medical History

What is shared: We share relevant medical information so that intended parents can make an informed medical decision. Donors share half of their DNA with the donor-conceived offspring. This is why it is important for the intended parents to understand all the medical risks before using their donor for conception.

What is not shared: We do not share any identifying information. This includes the donor name and family member names, date of birth, or addresses.  


What is shared: Childhood and baby photos are shared with potential families. They use these photos to help choose a donor to use for their family-building goals.

What is not shared: The PSB team will take a candid adult photo for our internal records. This photo can be used to help us describe how you look today.

Name and Birthday

What is shared: We do share your birth year, but that is all.

What is not shared: Exact date of birth and donor names are not shared with families. Additionally, we will not share your email, phone, or physical address.

Open ID and Communication With Offspring

What is shared: Phoenix Sperm Bank is Open ID. This means that donors must agree to at least one form of communication with donor-conceived offspring when the offspring turns 18. The communication can only be initiated by the donor-conceived offspring.

What is not shared: We do not share contact information with donor-conceived offspring. Instead, we facilitate communication with each party. Parents do not receive any contact information.

About The Families

What is shared: Family information is not shared with the donors. However, donors are welcome to call and ask the team if there have been any births because of their donations. Occasionally, families will leave thank you notes on file for donors, donors are welcome to ask us about that as well.

What is not shared: We do not share any identifying information about the families. This includes photos, names, contact information, age, or relationship status.

New sperm donors are needed now more than ever. Joining the program and becoming a donor means so much to couples and individuals who cannot have children without sperm donation. Joining the program also comes with benefits. Donors are compensated for each donation that can be used for treatment, and receive genetic carrier screening, routine health exams, and regular STI testing. Applying to the program is easy and starts with an online application.

If you are interested in learning more about the donor program, you can reach out to one of our Donor Coordinators at (602)888-7255 or info@phoenixspermbank.com.