Why is there a need for sperm donors?

Why Is There A Need For Sperm Donors?

Living tissue donors support people who need therapeutic medical treatments. An example is someone with sickle cell disease who would need blood transfusions. Or someone who is being treated for blood clotting disorders may need donated plasma.

Sperm donations are no different in the help it provides and creates fertility treatment options for people looking to become parents.

What Leads Someone To Need A Sperm Donor?

If someone or a couple are looking to become parents but do not have a sperm source, they can turn to sperm donations. They may have a friend who is willing to become their donor, however, many people rely on sperm banks as a source of donor sperm.

People may lack a sperm source in their relationship because they are an LGBTQIA couple or because they are looking to become a single mom by choice. We also see patients who have a male factor infertility diagnosis in need of a sperm donor.

What Treatment Options Become Available With Donated Sperm?

If donor sperm is available, it allows the intended recipient to potentially carry a pregnancy or use a surrogate for their pregnancy. Using donor sperm also allows for the partner or recipient to use their eggs, giving the couple or individual a genetic link to their child, which can be important to some people. Alternative paths to parenthood can be through adoption, but this can be a costly and lengthy process and does not allow for the recipient or partner to carry a pregnancy or to have a genetic link to the child.

Why Is There A Donor Sperm Shortage?

There are multiple reasons that have created a national donor sperm shortage. One is the demand for sperm donors has increased. Another is men willing to become sperm donors. If you are interested in becoming a donor or know of someone who would be interested, it is needed now more than ever.

Apply To Become A Sperm Donor At Phoenix Sperm Bank

It takes several steps to become a donor, but once you qualify you can continue to donate for 12 or more months. To start the process, first, fill out and submit a brief online donor application. After submitting you can then stop by the lab during open hours to complete your first in-person visit for a semen analysis.

If you pass the semen analysis you will move on to the next steps which include us getting more information about your medical history, your family’s medical history, and medical screening.

If you are interested in becoming a donor and have questions, do not hesitate to contact our Donor Coordinators at (602)888-7244 or info@phoenixspermbank.com.