Phoenix Sperm Donor Application Process

Phoenix Sperm Donor Application Process

Sperm donors provide worthwhile tissue donation that helps couples and individuals become parents and start their families. There is currently a donor shortage and every donor counts, so we’re going to break down the application process when applying to become a sperm donor at Phoenix Sperm Bank.

Step 1. Apply Online And Visit The Lab

The application process starts with an online application. This is a quick and easy form that becomes the first step in our getting to know you. We ask for straightforward information such as your name, contact information, age, and basic physical characteristics (height, weight, eye color, etc). One other important piece of information collected is if you have been adopted. The adoption status is only a barrier if you do not have access to biological medical records. Once this application has been completed, you can visit the lab during open hours as a walk-in or schedule your visit for a semen analysis.

The semen analysis tells us a lot about your potential as a sperm donor. Since donated samples are used for fertility treatments, they need to meet certain criteria to be usable. The lab team will be looking at sperm counts, how the sperm are swimming, and how they tolerate being frozen.

Read more about preparing for your first visit to the lab.

If your semen analysis looks good, you will move on to the next step in the application process.  

Step 2. Complete Medical History Information

We will ask you to complete some paperwork about your family medical history and your personal medical history. Gathering information about your medical history will help us identify any genetic conditions you may pass on to future offspring. We will use medical information about you and your family to look for patterns.

Our genetic counselors will review this information along with your genetic carrier screening results to help better assess what genes you will pass on to future offspring.

Step 3. Complete Physical And Start Donating

The last part of the application process is going through health screening. We will test for STIs, and our physician will perform a complete physical. On the day of your physical, you can start donating and being compensated.

The last part of the process will be to complete your donor profile, which will help intended parents learn more about you. And, as important, to start your weekly donations! You are compensated for each donation and can donate 3 times per week. You will also have routine health exams and STI testing while you remain an active donor.

We ask that you stay active in the program for at least six months. When you are ready to retire from the program, we will need 1 last blood draw 6 months after your last donation. This last blood draw will be used for STI testing and will be used to clear your last donations for treatment use. 

Benefits Of Being In The Program

Donors are compensated for all donations that qualify for treatment use at $100 per donation. Donors are welcome to donate up to 3 times per week, making up to $300 per week.

Other benefits include:

  • Routine medical screenings with STI testing
  • Genetic Carrier screening for 514 genetic conditions
  • Helping all the families who rely on sperm donation to become parents

We are looking for men 18-39 years old who are serious about joining a sperm donor program. You can get started today with an online application. If you have any questions about joining the donor program, you can reach our Donor Coordinator at or call 602-888-7255.