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What happens to sperm donations?

What Happens to Sperm Donations?

Donors visit Phoenix Sperm Bank weekly to give donations and intended parents receive shipments at their clinic of choice around the US. What steps does the lab take to get a sample ready for future

Sperm Donor Health Screening and Testing

Sperm Donor Health Screening and Testing

Donors in our program are screened and tested for both infectious diseases, as well as conditions that would cause adverse outcomes for potential offspring. Additionally, all donors undergo various health checks that include both questionnaires

Earn Extra Income In Phoenix

Make Extra Income In Phoenix

Quitting a job that you no longer find rewarding or beneficial can make a huge impact on both your mental health and wallet. It can be tough to find ways to supplement your income in

Age Limits and Other Sperm Donor Qualifications

Age Limits and Other Sperm Donor Qualifications

Potential sperm donors must meet certain qualifications to join Phoenix Sperm Bank’s program.  However, some of our qualifications are often misunderstood by potential sperm donors. To help you understand why we need certain information, here

Evolution of Sperm

The Evolution of Sperm

Does size matter? When talking about sperm, recent research suggests that it might. According to a study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, the size of sperm may be affected by where it